HMG Approved On-Site Data Destruction

On-Site Data Erasure

IT Equipment Disposal

Server Migration

Audit Trail


Secure On-Site Data Media Services

Data storage speed and capacity is developing rapidly and traditional storage devices, once easy to identify, have become far more complicated to locate, secure and destroy.

From the highest Protectively Marked Public Sector data to sensitive commercial data we provide, at your premises, high volume Government Approved hard drive and data media shredding through to migration of IT equipment, single items moves and bespoke data hall decom. Delivering a professional, high security approach to all aspect of data media destruction, protecting your data and keeping you compliant with the many UK Regulations and Standards that govern your data in today’s world.

  • Secure On-Site Data Media Destruction
  • On-Site Data Erasure
  • Data Centre Migration
  • Secure Courier
  • IT Equipment Secure Disposal/Recycling
  • NCSC CAS-S Approved service
  • CPNI Approved Data Destruction
  • DIPCOG (MoD) Approved
  • All staff Police and Gov vetted

Delivering HMG IA5 Compliant Secure Sanitisation